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This Site Is Not Dead Yet

And unlike the Monty Python bit, it won’t be any time soon, either. But there is a real concern that posting every 1, 2 or 5 years could become an annoying habit. All that being said, here I am again. So what happened over the last five years? So much that it’s hard to know […]

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Brace Yourself

I’ve allowed this site to languish for over a year — again. But no more! There are changes in the works (mostly subtle, behind-the-scenes things), but most importantly I am newly committed to posting fresh content. Of course, we’ll all find out in a few weeks if this time is any different… In any case, […]

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Welcome back

It took a while — okay, almost a year-and-a-half — but I am finally re-launching this site. My goal is to “return to the source,” so-to-speak, and write about my life as an architecture geek living in Los Angeles.

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