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Smoke Signals

Due to the smoggy atmospheric conditions of the Los Angeles basin, it is not advisable to use smoke signals for communication.

Cuneiform on Clay Tablets

An intriguing option, but… no. On the receiving end, I have no place to store such bulky items; and on the sending end, imagine how much the shipping costs would be!

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There are no general contact email addresses at this domain. If you need to contact flieghund.net and do not know of a valid flieghund.net email address, use the contact contact form provided at michael.ellars.com.

Please note that the limited number of valid email addresses at flieghund.net are aggressively filtered for unsolicited commercial email. Occasionally, even valid (wanted) messages will be flagged as “spam” and automatically deleted before they can be read. If your message is too important to run this risk, please use the mailing address listed below and deliver your message via postal mail rather than email.

Mailing Address

If you need to contact flieghund.net through postal (standard) mail or a package delivery service, or if your message is “too important” to risk being filtered as spam, please use the WHOIS address listed with InterNIC.